Welding quality check with Hi-dynamic cameras


  • Hi-dynamic EOPTIS’ camera (120dB)
  • Remote processing unit and visualization


The customer needs to have a camera system that allows to monitor the welding process in real-time using a monitor. The system must be capable to display both the welding area (high light intensity) and the adjacent area (low light intensity).

  • Welding process visualization
  • Manage images with an extended luminosity range (1:1.000.000)


EOPTIS developed a vision system using a hi-dynamic range camera (120dB) that allows to grab and display in real time both the welding area and the adjacent region. The results was achieved thanks to a custom algorithm developed to allow a proper control of the sensor and a correct data processing.

  • Hi-dynamic range camera
  • Image processing to display relevant area


EOPTIS’ vision system allows an optimal remote control of the welding process, improving the process quality, the operators’ safety and the production efficiency.

  • Improved welding quality
  • Less welding time
  • Increased efficiency