Impurity identifications in cosmetics raw materials


  • Multispectral camera
  • Processing unit and remote control
  • Integration with test system
  • Control interface via touch-screen


The vision system must find any impurity (hairs, insects, ..) inside high value raw materials bottles, mostly used in cosmetics production. The products to be inspected are in powder form, matte under visible light and the impurity rarely are on the

  • Non visible impurity
  • Control over 100% of the bottles


EOPTIS developed a vision system based on a multispectral camera capable to analyze several images of the bottles, grabbed on different wavelength (colors), using also non-visible lights to penetrate inside the powder. The created system can manage various bottles and containers, and is suited to new control problems in an easy and fast way.

  • Multispectral analysis
  • Scalable to new bottles types


EOPTIS’ vision system allowed a full quality check of the bottles, making the non-visible impurity relevation possible and guarantees the purity of the raw materials.

  • Lower production costs
  • Full quality