Print verification of color/characters


  • Multispectral camera
  • Processing unit and remote control
  • Integration with test system
  • Control interface via touch-screen


Verification of the right printing of variable characters and color in a given region of interest on the package. Packages that don’t pass the quality tests must be automatically removed.

  • Configurable Region Of Interest (ROI)
  • System fully integrated in the production line


EOPTIS developed a multicamera system that can be interfaced with the packaging system, and uses a dedicated processing unit with 3 cameras and a custom illuminator. The system is easily configurable using a simple user interface via touch-screen.

  • Simple update of colors database and look-up strings
  • Straight forward communication with the main system


Thanks to EOPTIS' system, the quality check of printed strings and package color is now fully automated. Using the system, the non conformity have been significantly reduced, increasing the line productivity.

  • Decreased product rejections
  • Increased productivity and less control costs