Main color reconstruction


  • Color measure in Lab color space using handheld instrument
  • Database colors mixing percentage configurable by the end user
  • Database update via USB 2.0


Genearation of a virtual texture that reproduces the measured average color, created using the available database colors.

  • Configurable mixing parameters
  • Handheld device


EOPTIS developed a system composed by a handheld colorimeter, that can be used with any Windows-based PC, and a custom software. The user can easily update the colors database, used by the software to generate the virtual texture, and set various mixing parameters (mix percentage, fixed colors, …).

  • Easy to use device
  • Simple update of the colors database
  • On-screen visualization of the generated pattern


The selection process of the texture colors , and the production of texile test patterns, was optimized thanks to EOPTIS automatic system.

  • Increased production efficiency
  • Simplified interface between the production company and the interior designer
  • Decreased costs