Print quality control and text recognition


  • In-line control of Ink-Jet printed codes
  • Solution uses Eoptis’ Harware, B/W IP65 cameras, built-in illuminator
  • Automatic control on 9 different product types
  • Software setting via touch-screen


The customer needs to check the codes (alpha-numeric and barcodes) related to the product expiration date, product identification code and tracking number as well as the print quality, so that a stop signal will be automatically sent to the system in case of non-conformity. Furthermore, the solution has to be suitable to:

  • Frequent format modifications
  • Check on 100% of the products
  • High rate line with uncontrolled illumination


The proposed solution uses a high performance EOPTIS' hardware, with a B/W camera mounted above the conveyor. The proper illumination is ensured by a custom illuminator built by EOPTIS, coupled with the cameras. The system can work continuosly and could interact with an pneumatic system to control the product rejection. A format change could be easily set via touch-screen interface.

  • Solution completely integrated with the customer system
  • Touch-screen system control


Real-time control significantly reduced the production stops, increasing the plant efficency with an investment return already after the first year of use.

  • Less production stops and increased line efficency
  • Higher granted quality