Dimension/color check on capillary vessels


  • PC software for Windows OS
  • Integration with the image acquisition system
  • Dimensional and colorimetric analysis of vessels
  • Graphical interface managed by the operator


Simplify the analysis of superficial dilated capillary vessel, providing an easy to use software that can be interfaced with the image acquisition system.

  • Simple graphical interface for the operator
  • Automatic quantitative analysis


EOPTIS developed an image analysis software that can be interfaced with the acquisition station. The system extracts the superficial capillarity vessels and automatically analyzes the main spectral components.

  • Dimensional analysis of superficial vessels
  • Colorimetric control


Thanks to the automatic system, the analysis method has become more efficient, repeatable and faster compared to the manual-based one.

  • Decreased analysis time
  • More efficiency
  • Standardization of analysis results