Container localization and tracking


  • 3D vision system based on camera and laser blade
  • Laser safe for the operator (safety class 2M)
  • Full integration with the system electronics


To get the container position over a conveyor belt and pass the information to pick&place systems. In the meanwhile, check the printed barcode for product tracking.

  • Communication with remote system for product tracking
  • System stop signal sent in case of non conformity


EOPTIS developed a vision system using a 3D laser profilometer module. Starting from the 3D reconstruction, the system acquires the position-related information, to be sent to the pick&place system. The camera is also used do decode the printed barcode.

  • System fully integrated in the production line
  • Decoded barcode sent via ethernet to the remote system
  • Hi-performance analysis


The use of the Eoptis compact vision system allows to contemporary automate two complex procedures. At the same time the communication of the decoded barcodes allows the complete tracking of the released products.

  • Complete control over the production line
  • Two complex controls carried out by a single, compact system