Test-tube type identification barcode reading and cap control


  • EOPTIS’ color camera, remote control, integrated illuminator and processing unit
  • Small camera size (37x45x50 mm³)
  • Identification of 17 different test-tube types
  • Remote interaction with the control software via RS232


The main need is to communicate information like the barcode printed on the label, test-tube dimension and cap color (if any), to the shunting system. The requested operation must be carried out while the test-tube is moving and within a defined time interval.

  • Test-tube identification
  • Barcode reading
  • Cap presence check - color classification


EOPTIS developed a vision system that satisfies the customer needs using a single color camera and capturing a set of images when the test-tube enters the input gate.

  • Single color camera vision system
  • Multi-image acquisition


The implemented solution drastically reduced the error-ratio of the shunting system, allowing the process tracking and increasing the system efficency.

  • Reduced error ratio
  • Process traceability and increased efficency