EOPTIS designs and manufactures innovative vision systems for special applications and optoelectronic instruments for the in-line control of products and monitoring of manufacturing processes. Our customers use EOPTIS' products in the industrial, biomedical, security and food sectors.


    Immagine Prodotto - Industrial colorimeter | CLM-195

    Industrial colorimeter | CLM-195

    Device for contactless color measurement that capable of delivering accurate and repeatable measures. Designed for 24/7 in-line operations.

    Differential analysis (quality check, fail/pass) and best matching on custom databases (sorting, color reproduction).

    Immagine Prodotto - Handheld colorimeter | CLM-194

    Handheld colorimeter | CLM-194

    Handheld device for colorimetric detection with high reliability and long-term stability at a competitive price.

    Interfaced through a USB 2.0 port with the user software for color comparative analysis, classification and best matching with database's colors.