Barcode reading, spools and yarn color measurement


  • Small-size IP65 color camera with integrated illuminator, remote control system
  • Color measure in Lab, RGB or YUV color spaces
  • Various barcode formats reading (linear and 2D)
  • System configuration via touch-screen


The customer needs to compare the color code (identified by the barcode applied on the spool) and the yarn‘s color, preventing errors in the next production stages.

  • Barcode/yarn color congruity


EOPTIS developed a single-camera system that identifies the yarn color and looking-up the customer database, verifies the congruity with the attached barcode. The system directly controls a stop signal for the automation system.

  • Color identification and barcode congruity verification


The implemented solution reduced the production error ratio and incremented the system productivity,with an investment return after the first year of use.

  • Reduced deficiency ratio
  • Increased productivity