Laser profilometer for blister filling control


  • 3D vision system based on camera and laser line
  • Eye-safe laser (safety class 2M)
  • Full integration with the system electronics


The customer needs to check the presence/absence of the product in each blister’s cell during the production process.

  • Product presence control


developed a vision system composed by a B/W camera and a laser blade that is capable to check the various blister formats used by the customer. By analyzing the laser projected on the blister, the processing unit gets information about the blister’s profile, indentifying whenever the product is missing and generating a stop signal for the main system.

  • Complete control on products
  • System suited for various blister formats


The  integration  of  the  system  allowed  the  complete  production  control,  ensuring  a  correct  packaging.  The  use  of  an automated system avoided wrong packaging.

  • Defection reduction
  • Increased productivity