Laser line generating lens | LNS-584


EOPTIS offers a variety of aspherical line generating lenses able to transform a pointwise laser beam into a straight line with uniform intensity distribution across the entire length.

These lenses offer significative advantages compared to other optics:

  • Uniform-intensity distribution: other refractive solutions like cylinder or rod lenses do not correct for the inherent Gaussian profile of a laser beam and therefore deliver a profile with “hot-spot” centre points and fading edge.
  • Continuous and crisp laser line: compared with diffractive optics, that obtain a line superimposing multiple patterns (deliver a segmented line with additional faint lines).

The output line characteristics can be selected from a list of standard items as well as tailored to specific needs. The design specs affecting the line shape can be factory-controlled to deliver a cost-effective lens that perfectly fits the laser generator and the application requirements:

  • Output fan angle and working distance
  • Base material (refraction index)
  • Input beam wavelength, divergence and diameter
  • Uniformity acceptance level.

The lens is offered un-mounted for OEM applications.


  • Alignment and positioning
  • Machine vision
  • 3D contour mapping
  • High-speed industrial inspection
  • Process control
  • Measuring systems


  • Excellent line quality
  • Beam tailored solutions
  • Various wavelengths and fan angle available


Fan angle 10°÷90°
Substrate material N-BK7 (nd=1.517) Borosilicate crown
N-SF5 (nd=1.673) Dense flint
N-SF5 (nd=1.805) Dense flint
Input beam Ø 0.8÷4.0mm @1/e2
Wavelength 532nm for green Diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) lasers
635, 650, 670nm for red diode lasers
others on request
Intensity distribution Uniform lengthwise - Gaussian widthwise
Surface quality 80-50 Scratch/Dig (80/50µm max width)
Surface flatness λ/2 @635nm
Diameter Ø 9.0±0.1mm
Height 7.0÷9.0mm
Clear aperture ~90%
Weight ~8g


Ordering information Fan angle Beam Ø
LNS-584.P001A 90° 2.0mm
LNS-584.P002A 90° 3.0mm
LNS-584.P003A 90° 4.0mm
LNS-584.P004A 60° 2.0mm
LNS-584.P005A 60° 3.0mm
LNS-584.P006A 60° 4.0mm
LNS-584.P007A 45° 2.0mm
LNS-584.P008A 45° 3.0mm
LNS-584.P009A 45° 4.0mm
LNS-584.P010A 30° 2.0mm
LNS-584.P011A 30° 3.0mm
LNS-584.P012A 30° 4.0mm

Fan angle is specified at 660nm.

This product can be customized to your needs. If you don't find the fan angle, wavelength and beam diameter that suits your application, contact us.

You can also send us your laser and we'll tailor the lens on it.