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EOPTIS offers CLM-194 handheld digital tristimulus colorimeter: a compact device for colorimetric detection with a reliability higher than human eye and at a competitive price.

Colour measurements can be performed on the surface of a wide range of matte and glossy materials, thanks to a (45°c:0°) measurement geometry and the very uniform illumination provided by integrated LEDs.

Long-term stability reduces the need of calibration by the user. The device is powered and interfaced through a USB port using a standard PC or laptop with Microsoft Windows operating system.

After having performed the measurement of the sample of interest, CLM-19X Interface application software allows you to:

  • Evaluate the colour difference from a reference patch, to determine whether a sample is within a user-defined acceptance limit
  • Classify samples among a set of selected colours, in order to group them in classes with homogeneous colour and improve uniformity
  • Find the best match of the sample, looking up a colour database to reproduce the measured colour.

The colour database is encoded in software, avoiding the use of bulky physical sample libraries. Standard colour sets are already included while custom or application-specific colour databases can be added by the user or with EOPTIS' support on request.

Results can be exported to .PDF and .XML format for off-line analysis.


  • Quick quality control of raw materials
  • Simplified operation to reduce the human error
  • Objective analysis of semi-finished products and finished products
  • Analysis on heterogeneous materials and surfaces

Technical specifications can be found in CLM-194 brochure.


Standard equipment digital handheld colorimeter cod. CLM-194.P002A:

  • Color measurement system
  • White calibration standard
  • NIST-traceable Calibration certificate* with performance report
  • Application software and device drivers on USB memory
  • Hard carrying case, IP67 dust- and water-proof
  • User manual (booklet on USB memory)
  • 1-year international warranty

* Instrument standard assignment in accordance with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) following practices described in CIE Publication 44 and ASTM E259 (Standard Practice for Preparation of Pressed Powder White Reflectance Factor Transfer Standards for Hemispherical and Bi-Directional Geometries).


  • Plane or conical adapters: 6, 8, 10mm

Note: please choose the ocular at the order. Replacement needs instrument recalibration in our laboratory.

  • Consumer or rugged tablet
  • Extra hard carrying case IP67 dust- and water-proofcase for colorimeter


Eoptis' services available:

  • Remote or on-site technical support service
  • Maintenance services as inspection and recalibration
  • Extensible Eoptis warranty
  • Data acquisition for custom database
  • Customizing CLM-19X Interface Software (ex. adding functionality, new color spaces, additional indexes)
  • Custom template for data report

More configurations and customizations are available on request: contact us.


CLM-19X Interface software is user-friendly and works together with the colorimeter. It processes and instantly analyzes CIE L*a*b values ​​acquired with the instrument.


Operating systems

CLM-19X Interface is compatible with following Microsoft operating systems (32bit and 64bit):

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10


  • English
  • Italian
  • Chinese
  • Portuguese


Color Coordinates Native CIE L*a*b color values. Other color spaces are available: CIE XYZ, CIE L*u*v, CIE L*C*h, Yxy, sRGB.
Color Difference Instantaneous absolute color difference DE*ab and subcomponents Da, Db, DL, DC*ab between a sample and its reference.
CIE L*a*b graph All measurements are represented as points in the entire color space.

Pass / fail quality control on finished product or acceptance on raw materials.

Up to 3 adjustable thresholds with automatic reference color search capabilities within a database.


Automatically search for 5 closest colors to a color measurement within a pre-loaded database.


Materials classification (ex. lots) by comparing the sample with multiple selected references (up to 5).

Multiple measures


Average measure calculation from multiple acquisition on a surface.

Setting the number of measurements by the user.

Ideal for handling non-homogeneous materials.

Illuminant and observer Standard illuminant (A, C, D50, D55, D65, F2, F7, F11) and observer (2°, 10°).
Standard database On request
Custom database User can create and manage their own database.
Data export .pdf and .xml report format (Excel-compatibile for more data analysis or graphs creation).
Report Report .pdf e .xml (Excel-compatibile) formats with customizable logo.
Project management The user can save the setup as a project. At opening all settings will be re-loaded automatically.