In-line hyperspectral vision system


EOPTIS' hyperspectral vision solution is based on a linear InGaAS camera that operates in the range of 900-1700 nm, a custom illumination system with selectable wavelengths, and a classification software for automatic identification of different materials in the area under analysis.

The system well suits the customer needs. In the preliminary feasibility study the approach with traditional vision systems was discarded, focusing on the design of an innovative system that can retrieve the chemical information of the scanned materials by analyzing its response in the near-infrared range. The system is used in the production line to discard products contaminated by unwanted elements.



  • Remote sensing
  • Recycling and waste sorting
  • Chemical composition analysis
  • Mineralogy

Customizable parameters

  • Camera sensitivity range (UV, VIS, VISNIR, SWIR, MWIR)
  • Optimization of the classification analysis algorithms according to the target materials
  • Spatial and spectral resolution


  • Electronics and imaging sensors
  • Vision and classification algorithms
  • Optical design and photometry


EOPTIS - Hyperspectral imagingHyperspectral imaging uses imaging sensors and wavelength-selective optical devices, like diffraction grating or optical filters. Combining these components, the system can grab a set of images relative to different wavelengths. During the analysis, the images are combined to create a 3-dimensional image, called hypercube, where each pixel has the complete spectral information.

Using classification algorithms it is possible to analyse the spectrum of each pixel and to identify and sort different materials and perform high resolution colorimetric measurements.


EOPTIS combines know-how in multidisciplinary fields with innovative technological platforms. These are the ideal tools for the development at an affordable price of cutting-edge custom system.

  • We turn a concept into an industrial solution that can be manufactured at the target cost and quantities
  • We engineer prototypes and technology demos, lowering manufacturing costs and improving performance
  • We customise our products available on catalog

Any custom product is designed to be afterwards manufactured by EOPTIS, both in small and large quantities. EOPTIS aims to become your one-stop shop from design to direct production.