Digital handheld miniscope | MCR-628


EOPTIS offers a handheld digital miniscope based on a magnifying device with a 1.3 Mpix resolution built-in digital camera and illuminator. A great measurement accuracy is achieved thanks to zero-distortion lenses.

The system includes an integrated illuminator based on green or white LEDs, which allows measurements to be performed on the surface of matte, glossy and transparent materials.

Using this device, it is possible to investigate at a very high resolution the smallest details not visible by the naked eye, even when an expensive lab miniscope is not affordable or available.

The device is designed to be interfaced through a USB link with a standard standard PC/laptop. It is delivered with a software application that allows you to:

  • View your sample live on the monitor of your PC and save images or movies for future use.
  • Perform various analyses on the images, such as dimensional measurement with micrometric resolution, defects inspection for quality control, authenticity check of the products if an integrated code is printed on it.

Miniscope head mating with the part to be inspected is modular and can be custom shaped. Software features are available on request, also tailored for integration into a factory assembly or manufacturing line.


  • Assembly and quality control
  • Product security, traceability and anti-counterfeit
  • Industrial inspection for electronics, printing, textile
  • Forensic analysis
  • Hobby and stamps or coins collections


  • Compact and easy-to-use
  • Handheld, USB powered
  • Various magnification factors available
  • Simple and intuitive software interface


Imaging sensor Sony EXview HAD CCD mono/colour with Global Shutter
Resolution-frame rate 1.3 Mpix (1280x960) - 18 FPS / VGA (640x480) - 30 FPS
Illumination Integrated green Leds (mono CCD) / white Leds (color CCD)
Acquisition mode Continuous or SW triggered
Working distance Contact
Magnification 1x (0.33X to 3X available)
Resolution 3.75 μm
Field of view 4.8mm x 3.6mm
Power USB self-powered
Size 60 (Ø) x 172.0 mm³
Weight 250g


Ordering information Magnification factor Imaging sensor
MCR-628.P001A ~200X monochrome
MCR-628.P002A ~130X monochrome
MCR-628.P003A ~60X monochrome
MCR-628.P004A ~30X monochrome
MCR-628.P005A ~20X monochrome
MCR-628.P006A ~200X color
MCR-628.P007A ~130X color
MCR-628.P008A ~60X color
MCR-628.P006A ~30X color
MCR-628.P010A ~20X color

Magnification factor depends on display size. Factors listed refer to 17"-20" display

Other configurations are available: contact us for non-listed options.