Our partners

EOPTIS is a part of OptoiGroup and cooperates with other companies in an ever-growing exchange of ideas, know-how and business opportunities. These strategic partnerships increase the power of each member and the customer benefits from the stregth of tight-knit team.



Optoi microelectronics

Since 1995 Optoi is a manufacturer of silicon microelectronics sensors, microsystems, SMART electronic systems and MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems) devices for industrial, enviromental, medical, telecom and aerospace applications, both standard and custom. Opto-I delivers component replacement, packaging and microelecrtonic design services.



Industrio is committed to funding and building innovative products. Provides initial funding, technical resource for the development, prototyping and advanced manufacturing support. Industrio assists companies or people willing to create great products from Italy.


Fondazione Bruno Kessler

Fondazione Bruno Kessler is charged with keeping the province of Trento in the mainstream of European and international research. It does so by attracting women, men and resources at the forefront of technological development and humanities studies. FBK’s research mission includes its commitment to foster innovation for the development of businesses, aiming at enhancing their competitiveness and at providing a concrete contribution to social, economic and cultural growth, in particular that of its local territory.