The Company

EOPTIS designs and manufactures innovative vision systems for special applications and optoelectronic instruments for the in-line control of products and monitoring of manufacturing processes. Our customers use EOPTIS' products in the industrial, biomedical, security and food sectors.

Our know-how in electronics, optics, mechanics and analysis algorithms is used to design products available off-the-shelf or for custom OEM solutions. Advanced technologies are integrated with industrial-grade components, to manufacture reliable products with long-term availability and the best price/performance ratio.

Our products are:

  • manufactured directly by EOPTIS both for hardware and software applications
  • innovative and conceived to grant long-term availability
  • easy to integrate into a target application

EOPTIS combines know-how in multidisciplinary fields with innovative technological platforms. These are the must-have tools for the development of cutting-edge custom systems at an affordable price.

  • we turn a concept into an industrial solution that can be manufactured at the target cost and quantities
  • we engineer prototypes and technology demos, lowering manufacturing costs and improving performance
  • we customise our off-the-shelf products

All custom products are designed to be subsequently manufactured by EOPTIS, both in small and large quantities. EOPTIS is the right partner for your one-stop shop from design to direct production.

Download the ethics code of Eoptis.